Its a digital age

And you need someone to help you and your business look good in this every changing enviroment of techonology. My name is Kurosh Kiani and I now open up the doors to my own little mini digital ministry. After having rounded nearly every corner in the digital world through a lifetime, I can tackle any challenge. I started in the really technical world and found my place in the rather creative and communicational realm which is why I can grasp wider than most. Enough talk, have a look here below at who I am, what I do and a couple of examples of projects I have been working on!

What I Do

I create things,,, on the computer that is! With a degree from Copenhagen Business School within Business administration & Computer science, I have been part of many exciting projects over the years which has challenged any of skills I should possess on a computer. I translate thoughts into apps, mess into structure and make your online presence look good. I write code in nearly any technology, design your graphical needs, build videos, you name it!


Who I Am

My name is Kurosh Kiani. I was born in Iran but lived nearly all of my life in Denmark. I have traveled nearly all of the world as a pro. windsurfer, but have never let go of my other passion, creating things on the computer. Now being used to working with nearly any culture and mastering 8 languages, setting up pro looking websites and editing videos is what I enjoy the most, but I have worked with more or less any technology and software available out there and created a wide variety of systems as well as been through countless design and digital marketing projects!


Recent projects

Below you will find about a handful of the different projects Ive been through over this last period of time. It spans from setting up my own professional athlete site, to designing online live scoring systems, to developing windsurf board graphical concepts

Computer Skills

Technical (favorites)

Angular, Node.js,, PHP, HTML/CSS - Well rounded in most common programming languages.

Microsoft SQL, MYSQL, MongoDB

Wordpress, Umbracom, Magento


Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Premier Pro, After Effects

Worked with

Custom websites & web apps, Mobile UI, Database design, Custom API, Project management, Video production, Visuals for print & web, Technical illustrations.

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